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Trolleybuses from NEFAZ
22 February 2017

The first body of the new low-entry trolleybus was built at NEFAZ, a subsidiary of KAMAZ PTC in Bashkiria.

TZA PTC Takes the Challenge to Attract Young Skilled Workers
21 February 2017

The zonal meeting "Vocational Guidance for Students - Today's Demands" has passed at Tuimazinskiy Zavod Avtobetonovozov, a subsidiary of KAMAZ in Bashkiria. 

Delegation from KazKontrakt at KAMAZ
20 February 2017

The delegation from KazKontrakt Trade Baltica, part of KazKontrakt Group (Kazakhstan) has visited KAMAZ (part of Rostec State Corporation).

Equipment Is Repaired at KAMAZ
8 February 2017

During the corporate holidays in January, the repair services of KAMAZ PTC (part of Rostec State Corporation) renovated the company's manufacturing equipment.

KAMAZ and NEFAZ Vehicles for ALROSA
8 February 2017

Another batch of NGVs produced by KAMAZ PTC (part of Rostec State Corporation) and NEFAZ PTC, a subsidiary of the auto giant in Bashkiria, was delivered to ALROSA's mining and processing plants.

Rostec's Representatives Visit KAMAZ
7 February 2017

The representatives of State Corporation Rostec arrived at KAMAZ PTC with a working visit.

NEFAZ-96896 Semitrailer Is One of a Hundred Best Goods
7 February 2017

The NEFAZ-96896 tank semitrailer has won the All-Russian Competition of the 100 Best Goods of Russia Program.

KAMAZ Is the Leader of the Russian Heavy-Duty Truck Market
6 February 2017

KAMAZ's share on the Russian market of trucks with GVW over 14 tonnes (registered vehicles are meant) was 56% in 2016 (the share by the year-end of 2015 was 51%). This is proved by the information from KAMAZ PTC's marketing department.

Integration of Production Systems
6 February 2017

The Integration of Production Systems TOS+ and PSK+ session took place at KAMAZ (part of Rostec State Corporation) with the participation of specialists from Daimler AG - Russia's leading truck maker's strategic partner.

KAMAZ Approves Exchange Bond Program
6 February 2017

The Board of Directors of KAMAZ PTC (part of Rostec State Corporation) has approved the Program of Exchange Bonds of KAMAZ PTC of Series 001R and the Prospectus for Securities to be placed within the framework of the Program of Exchange Bonds of Series 001R.

KAMAZ Offers Trucks at a Discount 
3 February 2017

KAMAZ (part of Rostec State Corporation) resumed programs "Scrappage" and "Trade-In", and KAMAZ-LEASING resumed programs "Recycling + Leasing" and "Trade-In + Leasing".

KAMAZ-5490 Is among the Best Products of the Year
2 February 2017

The KAMAZ-5490 became the laureate of the contest "The Best Goods and Services of the Republic of Tatarstan" in 2016 in the category "Products for Industrial Purposes".

KAMAZ-6511 Became Leader of Commercial Vehicle Market
2 February 2017

According to a study of AUTOSTAT Analytical Agency, four models of trucks produced by KAMAZ PTC (part of Rostec State Corporation) were included into the top five of the most popular trucks in Russia by the results of 2016. The KAMAZ-6511 became the leader of the market of new trucks in Russia.

KAMAZ Is One of the Most Expensive Russian Enterprises
2 February 2017

According to Rossiya Segodnya Media Group, KAMAZ PTC (part of Rostec State Corporation) was included into the list of Russia's most expensive public companies at year-end 2016.

Daimler Specialists Work at KAMAZ
1 February 2017

A delegation of experts of the German company Daimler AG - a strategic partner of the Kama Automobile Plant - has arrived at KAMAZ PTC (part of Rostec State Corporation) with a business trip.

Students Learned about Foundry
1 February 2017

A regular guest lecture with the participation of Dmitry Gurtovoy, Chief Technologist of the foundry of KAMAZ PTC (part of Rostec State Corporation), was held at Naberezhnye Chelny's branch of KFU.

Young KAMAZ Workers Help Save over 42 Million Roubles
31 January 2017
The department of project and investment management of KAMAZ PTC (part of Rostec State Corporation Rostec) has summed up the results of implementation of youth projects.
Delegation of China Motors Visits KAMAZ
31 January 2017

KAMAZ PTC (part of Rostec State Corporation) was visited by the delegation of China Motors headed by CEO Yitzhak Kaufman.

Official Statement of KAMAZ PTC
31 January 2017

A number of domestic media published information about operation of Russian companies, including KAMAZ (part of Rostec State Corporation), in Venezuela and their problems with mutual exchanges in the local currency - bolivar.

Protecting Intellectual Property
30 January 2017

KAMAZ (part of Rostec State Corporation) has summed up the year-end results in the field of invention and innovation.